1. Please Keep South Korea In Your Thoughts



    A South Korean ferry named the Sewol has capsized off the southern coast of SK. There were more than 460 people on board. Most of them were high school students. Students are still trapped inside, and are texting their parents through their smartphones begging for help. 


    Please keep these poor children in your thoughts as you go about your business today. The ferry capsized in just over two hours, and many people who were on the lower decks could not get to the upper decks on time to be rescued by first responding helicopters. 

    imageHere are the key facts as of April 16th, 2014 at 15:00

    291 people are confirmed missing

    4 people are confirmed dead

    164 have been rescued

    55 of those rescued were injured

    79 of those rescued were high school students. 

    the ship sank at a depth of 30 meters

    72 ships have been dispatched 

    18 helicopters have been dispatched

    an 82-member Ship Salvage Unit has been dispatched

    a 114 member navy SEAL diver ship has been dispatched

    Please keep South Korea in your thoughts. 

  2. slapmytitties:

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  3. stonequest:

Summer is coming.


    Summer is coming.

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